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Adirondack Hamlets to Huts Executive Director is the Featured Speaker at
Indian Lake Community Development Corporation Meeting

Indian Lake, NY- The public is invited to attend a special presentation on plans for Indian Lake community development being proposed by Adirondack Hamlets to Huts (AHH). The presentation will be held 7 PM, Wednesday, June 19, in the Byron Park Meeting Room,
Joe Dadey, Executive Director of AHH will begin by explaining the Adirondack Park-wide hamlets-to-huts initiative and an overview of the organization’s plans for adventure routes that will start, pass through, and finish in Indian Lake as well as the implementation of the North Creek-Indian Lake hiking/rafting circuit. Joe will also discuss AHH’s investigation into establishing lodging in the Hamlet of Indian Lake and how AHH plans can help the business community maximize income from tourism expenditures.
According to Joe, “The central location and access to trails and waterways, makes Indian Lake a key community in the unfolding vision of Hamlets to Huts and shares in the incredible potential and promising future of the region.”
The Indian Lake Community Development Corporation (ILCDC) will host the presentation as it fulfills their main objective, to assist in revitalizing commercial properties and improve economic opportunities for the Indian Lake community.







Hello Fellow Indian Laker,

Please review the attached flyer and join us as we welcome Spring 2019 by participating in dynamic “Community Yoga Practice Sessions”.  Michelle Kelly, our Yoga practice leader, says that we don’t need to attend all of the Sessions. Also that it’s ok to attend Sessions as our schedules allow.  We hope to see you there.


ROOST Marketing Plan

For a look at the 2019 marketing plan from The Regional Office Of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) click on this link


See below for program information. You may click on the link to download the document.

HAS Flyer



HAVE A SEAT is a community beautification program created and organized by the Main Street Revitalization Sub-Committee of the Indian Lake Community Development Corporation. The program is intended to enhance the attractiveness of main street areas, to create a sense of community pride among residents and to encourage travelers and visitors to stop and enjoy the ambience of the hamlets of Indian Lake, Blue Mountain Lake and Sabael. The objective of the program is to strategically place attractively decorated Adirondack chairs that will be seen by travelers driving through the hamlets. Given a sufficient number of chairs noticed, travelers will stop to take a closer look and end-up spending time and money in the communities.

The program is organized to be entirely community-based with no paid staff and with no cost to local government. Gifts, donations and grants received will be used to develop and enhance the program. The success of this program is dependent upon the effort, commitment and talents of  residents and interested benefactors. With care and refurbishing, the chairs will be used from one year to the next. With additional chairs and artistic creativity over several years, it is hoped that the Indian Lake Adirondack chairs become a must see attraction for visitors traveling in the Adirondacks.

The HAVE A SEAT Committee will encourage community groups, organizations, businesses and individuals to sponsor a Have A Seat Adirondack chair.

Chair Design

The design of each chair will be decided jointly by the sponsor and artist. The design should be original, colorful and eye-catching from a distance. The design will need to be approved by the HAVE A SEAT Committee. The planned design will be drawn on a 8 ½ X 11 mockup of an Adirondack chair.

Chair Design Guidelines 

The theme of the chair should reflect some aspect of life in the Town of Indian Lake and/or our region of the Adirondacks. There is to be no commercial advertising or logos. The design may be a realistic or whimsical interpretation of the selected subject.


The key to the success of this program is dependent upon the ability to obtain sponsors for the chairs. Anyone is welcome to become a sponsor. Solicitation will be through personal appeal, press release, distribution of promotional material to Town businesses and organizations as well as public postings for interested individuals, families or other groups in the Town. Sponsorship could include; purchase or manufacture of the Adirondack chair, designing and painting of the chair, securing the chair at its assigned location, cleaning, maintenance and winter storage.

Sponsorship Responsibilities 

Sponsorship involves a commitment of time, responsibility and finance.

The following responsibilities are expected of each sponsor:

  1. The sponsor agrees to obtain a traditional Adirondack chair made of finished wood. To assist sponsors, a list of local craftspeople who make the chairs will be provided.
  2. The sponsor agrees to submit a design plan for their chair to the Have A Seat Committee for approval. Approval will be based upon adherence to the established guidelines and theme of the Have A Seat program.
  3. The sponsor will, in consultation with their selected artist, decide on their chair design. The design will consist of paint and possibly other materials durable enough to withstand extended exposure to the elements paying particular attention to UV damage. Based on the experience of other such programs, the use of quality latex exterior house paints with a clear coat of polyurethane (with UV protection) is strongly recommended.
  4. The sponsor, in consultation with the Have A Seat Committee, will determine the location and placement of the decorated chair. The ability to secure the chair may affect the location of the chair.
  5. Securing the chair will be arranged by the sponsor. For consistency, chairs will be secured using the Committee approved and recommended cable system.
  6. Sponsors agree to maintain their chair to include the cleaning and touching up of incidental damage.
  7. It will be the responsibility of the sponsor to store the chair in a protected area over winter and to refurbish it as necessary for the next spring.
  8. For insurance purposes, each sponsor must allow the  IL Town Parks and Rec Dept and Main Street Revitalization Committee an opportunity to inspect each chair during the Spring of each year.  Annual inspection and approval of each chair must occur before the chair is insured and displayed.

Have A Seat Program Info

See the complete Comprehensive Plan here, click on the link to download.
This is a large pdf file.

Final Indian Lake Comprehensive Plan (04072017)

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