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Jim McKenna of ROOST gave an enlightening presentation at our November 15 Board meeting. Attached is the full Leisure Travel Survey from ROOST. See more at the web site





We Need You!

The Indian Lake Community Development Corporation is in need of additional members for the Board of Directors. We would like to add 2-3 more interested people to our board. We are also in need of a secretary since Marti Evanoff will be stepping down from that position in July.

Our meeting schedule is posted on the web site – under the tab ‘Meeting Schedule’.

Please consider investing a little time in our community!

$500,000 is available for recreation/tourism-related projects.
See the full press release and brochure below…





In the News Nov. 17



Hamilton County to see improved Internet

Oct 13, 2016

ALBANY – Frontier Communications was among the broadband project award recipients at the New NY Broadband Winners Conference and Awards Ceremony in Albany. Frontier was announced as a grant winner for the company’s work to expand broadband access across the state.

Frontier was awarded a total of six different grants covering four regions of New York. Approximately 3,318 households and businesses in the counties of Chenango, Fulton, Hamilton, Tioga and Warren will be impacted by Frontier’s broadband projects. Specific census blocks in these counties represent “unserved areas” with broadband speeds under 25 MBPS; and “underserved areas” currently with speeds less than 100 MBPS. Frontier will be deploying fiber-to-the-home and will deliver speeds as fast as 100 MBPS to the impacted areas. The New York State Grant Assistance totals 80 percent of the required network build-out funding, or approximately $3.3 million. Frontier will also invest approximately $835,000 of its own capital to complete the projects.

“Expanding access to broadband is critical to ensuring our region can compete in a 21st Century economy,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY-21). “Broadband access touches everything from commerce to healthcare to education, and this award will play an important role in the delivery of this vital service to our families and businesses. I congratulate Frontier Communications on this award and commend Governor Cuomo for making access to broadband a priority.”

“Seeing Hamilton County’s decade long crusade for broadband coming to fruition through our partnership with Frontier Communications and Governor Cuomo is extraordinary!” observed William G. Farber, Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors. “Broadband is no longer a luxury; it is the critical infrastructure necessary for success. The people of Hamilton County share in the excitement of this award, as we will be the benefactors for years to come. On their behalf, I offer my thanks to Frontier Communications and Governor Cuomo.”

Highlights include:

Unserved Areas: Town of Wells, Town of Lake Pleasant, Town of Indian Lake, Village of Speculator

• Census Blocks Served:   105

• Households Served: 1928 | Total Units Served: 2096

• NYS Grant Amount: $1,702,246 | Frontier Investment: $ 425,562

• Total Project Costs: $2,127,808

Underserved Area: Town of Indian Lake

• Census Blocks Served:   3

• Households Served:       188 |Total Units Served:          216

• NYS Grant Amount:        $129,634| Frontier Investment:      $ 32,409

• Total Project Costs:         $162,043

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